Ray Nikolaison Reel Frog Films *** MAN Takes Money NO MOVIE

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Ray Nikolaison Reel Frog Films latest *** is to say he's making a documentary about a fishing boat. He took the investors money and never made the movie. Fishing Trawler Craftsman (2010) (V) ... Production Company

he's once again not making ANYTHING. Keeps updating IMDB production date to keep the investors at bay. The date will shortly be changed to 2011 keep and eye on this. And he makes religious movies? Is this a good fearing man or a *** man

list of associates or Ray Nikolaisian are: Nick Celozzi, Marie Pizano, Gene Mottola,

all italian wise guys wanna Bee's

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God Bless

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Nikolaison Reel Frog Films *** MAN S.A.G WARNING!

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YOU WILL NEVER AMOUT TO ANYTHING!!! No you wont,, getting involved with this film, PLEASE READ SAG POSTING

Also call the screen writers guild. better business bureau.

there are several Warner Brothers PR contacts you can call and email

his projects are not backed by warner.. please let your fingers do the walking and ask around before saying yes.

the man is not producing anything ! he has approached legitimate crew and promised them employment if they wrote a letter of intent to work on his so called project, he then used those letters to lie to talent agents and their "c" list actors (actor who haven't worked for in a long time or are considered has been's) they commit to the project thinking he has financing in place when in fact he is ripping people off and this is why his so called crew falls apart every 6 months when a new crew is announced over and over again for the past 5 years !! he claims to be mob connected -- bull... no connections whatsoever... anyone can submit a film listing to Hollywood reporter and Variety it is a listing not a story- they don't verify listings. SAG (Screen Actors Guild has also WARNED any union talent from accepting or signing anything with him)



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Reel Frog Films - Reel Frog Film ConMan Fraud Thief Ray Nikolaison

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Yep another *** Man Thief who steals from the little guy or corporation

in promiss of making a movie or tv show to highlight your corporation, NEVER happens,,YOU ARE OUT THE MONEY YOU INVESTED he walks saying "it just didnt get off the ground!" Works under- Reel Frog Entertainment, Reel Frog Films, Reel Frog, Ray Nikplaison,, and half a dozen other names.

Please report this firm to the better business if cpntacted by one of there reps. They also work under the umbrella of doing religous films and donations for charity

we all know how that works Please beware

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The person who originally posted this is becoming a nuisance. They have posted 15-25 attaching statements to different people in the entertainment industry,, Will some one yank off his posts they have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SITE WHAT SO EVER .

Log in names I see are George Marse, George K. Marse, George, Dave The Reporter, and the list goes on, Is there a monitor who can stop this SPAM on this site?

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both guys have been or have produced some small change projects.. explaine more

George M
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Another *** i n g - looser

This firm and others have SAG Warnings


ALSO: be on the lookout for

Nick Celozzi

another *** man involved in the web of thieves

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